6610 Abercorn St. Savannah, GA 31405

Our Mission

Chunk’s Learning Center is dedicated to building a strong education foundation for children by allowing them to learn through play and  discovery. Our staff is committed to teaching and exemplifying high moral standards. It is  our goal to give children, their families and our community opportunities to grow, think  and explore.

About Us

Chunk’s Learning Center is a family-owned operation founded by Aaron and Tye Whitely. Named after their son (who was a pretty chunky baby), this Center seeks to give all children the same love, access to learning and solid early foundation that the Whitely’s have given their three kids.  In 2009, Aaron joined the United States Army and The Whitely Family moved to  Texas.  With Aaron away for training most of the time, Tye found herself unable to work a traditional job as they were hundreds of miles away from family and friends. She became their family support system and threw herself into the role of family administrator, this included becoming incredibly involved in their children’s early learning and development. Aaron and Tye’s passion for education expands outside of their children. Aaron is an active mentor for young boys through sports and leadership. Tye has been very active in the PTA, has established local book clubs for kids (because reading is so important!) and continued her work in education as a researcher and recently as a Director of a thriving early education Center in Savannah, Georgia.

Our Team


Ms. Jenny Lynn- Director

Ms. Sandra- Teacher Liason

Ms. Michelle P.- Enrollment & Billing Specialist

Ms. Londia- Nutrition Specialist


Chunk-a-Bees & Chunk-Stars

Ms. Danielle-Department Manager


Chunk-a-Munks & Chunk-a-Roos

Ms. Heavenleigh- Department Manager


Chunk-a-Teers & Chunk Explorers

Ms. Arlene- Department Manager